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Calculating the cost of subscription service computers and servers


One-time computer maintenance services

Diagnostics and prevention of computer systems:
software 100 UAH
computer diagnostics (component failure detection) 150 UAH
prevention of the system unit (cleaning inside, outside, laying cables) 150 UAH
scanning hard drives to detect physical defects 200 UAH
system optimization (cleaning, debugging services and registry defragmentation) 150 UAH
checking programs and data for virus infection 200 UAH
system analysis and inventory 300 UAH
Installation (reinstallation) and customization of user operating systems:
installation + MS Windows / XP / 7/8/10 setup 200 UAH
reinstall + setting MS Windows / XP / 7/8/10 500 UAH

One-time server maintenance services

Installation (reinstallation) and setup of server systems:
installation, configuration MS Windows Server 2008/12 600 UAH
reinstall MS Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 setup 1200 UAH
installation and configuration of MS Windows Server 2008/2012 roles 400 UAH
client connection to terminal services MS Windows Server 2008/2012 50 UAH
installation + setup of Linux OS 1000 UAH
installation + file server setup (MS Windows 2008/2012 Server, Linux) 500 UAH
installation + setting up a shared Internet access system 300 UAH
installation + configuration + adaptation of the firewall (firewall) 500 UAH
development + implementation of data backup system 600 UAH
creating a traffic accounting and control system 500 UAH
Installation, configuration of virtualization systems:
Install, configure the hypervisor 2000 UAH
Customize guest system 500 UAH
Creating mail servers:
creation of a corporate mail server (includes installation of the server OS) + antispam + anti-virus protection 1000 UAH
mail client setup 50 UAH
installation + setting up a web interface for checking mail through a browser (WebMail) 500 UAH
Secure integration of remote networks into a single enterprise network:
creation of secure vpn-tunnels (two points) 500 UAH

Installation and configuration of local networks

Design, installation and configuration of local networks:
local area network design -
installation of cable channel (for 1m) 50 UAH
installation of RJ-12 sockets 50 UAH
installation of RJ-45 sockets 100 UAH
installation of power sockets 50 UAH
cable laying (1m) -
cable laying in the cable channel (1m) 10 UAH
slave connection Ethernet station 20 UAH
Install and configure WI-FI networks:
installation and setup of Wi-Fi access point 200 UAH
secure client connection to a wireless network 50 UAH

Telephony setup

Configuring PBX Panasonic, LG, Samsung ... from 500 UAH
IP telephony
Installation, setting up the IP telephony server Asterisk from 1500 UAH
Connecting clients to the IP telephony server Asterisk 50 UAH

Creation, promotion of sites, contextual advertising

Website development:
Creating any site from 2000 UAH
Website promotion:
Website promotion from 2000 UAH
Website optimization from 500 UAH
Contextual advertising*
Advertising campaign in google 1000 UAH
Conducting an advertising campaign in Yandex 1000 UAH

* When ordering advertising on Google and Yandex at the same time, a discount is provided. Promotion ! Until the end of the month, we give each client 900 UAH for advertising in the Google search engine.

Prices may vary from those listed on the site. In order to avoid misunderstandings check with the managers of the company.