Work safely on a remote server in Europe

We provide a virtual server (in the cloud)

that uses the resources of the physical servers located in the data centers of Europe.

The benefits of working in the cloud

Convenience of work

You and your employees can work at any time from any device, and from anywhere in the world. You can not even buy office computers, we will install inexpensive and simple devices for you.


There is no data in your office - all information is in the cloud, which only you have access to.


You do not need to maintain, upgrade and maintain the server equipment, we do everything for you. You only pay for the service.


You do not need to worry about the safety of your information. We provide reliable server hardware and perform regular backups.

Scaling flexibility

You can increase or decrease the amount of used space by calling. You only pay for what you need at the moment.

24 hour support

Have a question? Confused or not yet understood? Our round-the-clock support will always help you.



Cost, UAH per month

Select the number of users:




How to get started in the cloud


Our specialist will conduct an audit at a convenient time for you, determine the timing and sequence of data transfer.

Server preparation

We will configure all the necessary functions that are necessary for you to work safely and securely. Let's provide access for test purposes.

Data transfer

We will copy the data at night, or at the weekend - so as not to interrupt the workflow. After checking, updating the data, delete the data on the old repositories.


Virtual hosting services in Ukraine

For high-quality operation of your company’s website or online store, you need to set up hosting. This is the space where all the necessary data that makes up the Internet resource will be stored on a virtual disk. In addition, the cloud server contains databases, mailboxes, etc.

Any failures in the operation of virtual hosting or its poor configuration also affect the operation of the site, significantly worsening it. This manifests itself in page freezing, waiting too long for a response from the site, partial loading of an Internet resource (when half of the page is not visible to visitors at all), etc.

By contacting our specialists, you can rent virtual hosting on the most favorable terms. And most importantly, we offer only reliable and proven servers, whose physical offices are located in different parts of Europe.

Benefits of working on a virtual server

Why is it worth renting a cloud server? Having a virtual office, you can count on a number of advantages:

  1. The ability to work with the site anywhere and at any time. You and all your employees will have full access to the cloud server and the ability to work with it from anywhere in the world.
  2. High safety characteristics. By saving and investing all information on a virtual dedicated server, you can be sure that it will be completely protected from hacking and getting into the hands of unauthorized persons. Only you and those employees you trust will have access to the cloud.
  3. Reliability of information storage. Are you worried that all the data hosted on the server will disappear due to system failures? We completely eliminate such risks because we perform regular data backups.
  4. Possibility to vary hosting volume. You can increase or decrease the space where you store all your data only by calling our specialists.

By renting cloud hosting from us (Ukraine), you can count on support from specialists 24/7. And you can contact specialists with any questions or problems. We work around the clock and will help you understand how to use a cloud server.

How to set up cloud storage

Renting a dedicated server on our website is very simple. First you need to study all the terms of cooperation, as well as prices for current work. Before we start working in the cloud, we make all the necessary settings. That is, you do not need to spend additional funds on maintaining or upgrading resources. Service technicians carry out data transfer, system cleaning, etc.

At first, specialists determine the amount of data that will need to be transferred to cloud storage. The volume of the cloud will depend on this. You make an appointment in advance with service center specialists to conduct an audit.

In the future, we carry out all the necessary preparations for the cloud server, setting up basic and additional functions that ensure the smooth operation of the site, ensuring its security. Thorough testing is carried out before the system is fully launched. This is necessary to ensure that everything is optimized and the server has been configured to meet all your requirements.

At the last stage, a comprehensive transfer of all necessary data is carried out. For your convenience, we can carry out all this work during the period of least activity of visitors to the Internet resource. For example, at night, on holidays or on weekends.

All data stored on old resources is completely deleted to avoid information leakage and reaching third parties.

Why choose Superadmin

If you are interested in remote access to the server, contact the specialists of the Superadmin service center. With many years of experience, we offer quality services at the best possible price.

By working with a super admin, you can count on:

  1. Comprehensive consultation with each client and support at all stages of cooperation.
  2. Performing services for setting up and maintaining virtual servers.
  3. Favorable cost of services and more loyal conditions for regular customers.
  4. High reliability. You can be sure that the dedicated server is absolutely safe to store all the information necessary for work.

Renting a virtual server becomes available immediately after payment. The price of the service will depend mainly on the number of people who have access to the cloud storage. You can calculate the cost in advance using our online calculator to get an idea of virtual office costs.