Work safely on a remote server in Europe

We provide a virtual server (in the cloud)

that uses the resources of the physical servers located in the data centers of Europe.

The benefits of working in the cloud

Convenience of work

You and your employees can work at any time from any device, and from anywhere in the world. You can not even buy office computers, we will install inexpensive and simple devices for you.


There is no data in your office - all information is in the cloud, which only you have access to.


You do not need to maintain, upgrade and maintain the server equipment, we do everything for you. You only pay for the service.


You do not need to worry about the safety of your information. We provide reliable server hardware and perform regular backups.

Scaling flexibility

You can increase or decrease the amount of used space by calling. You only pay for what you need at the moment.

24 hour support

Have a question? Confused or not yet understood? Our round-the-clock support will always help you.



Cost, UAH per month

Select the number of users:




How to get started in the cloud


Our specialist will conduct an audit at a convenient time for you, determine the timing and sequence of data transfer.

Server preparation

We will configure all the necessary functions that are necessary for you to work safely and securely. Let's provide access for test purposes.

Data transfer

We will copy the data at night, or at the weekend - so as not to interrupt the workflow. After checking, updating the data, delete the data on the old repositories.