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Subscriber computer service

By signing a computer maintenance contract with us, you get a team of specialists who are constantly ready to develop and maintain the IT structure of your business. Simple and safe.

What is included in the service:

  unlimited number of urgent entrances;

  planned entrances (even if nothing happened to you);

  remote administration;

  data backup system;

  server maintenance / configuration;

  telephony service / configuration;

  user consultation;

  application system;

  network security organization;

  Refilling cartridges;

  site support;

  monitoring system;

  replacement computer.

Today, the effective work of any business process is closely connected with computer equipment and its uninterrupted work is the key to success.

Why do we:

  • An integrated approach - you will not hear from us "This is not our problem."
  • In addition to solving everyday tasks, we care about the proper construction of your IT-infrastructure, its development.
  • Compliance with all modern safety requirements is an important part of our work.
  • Instant response through remote access.
  • Each client is given a personal account on the site, where there is an opportunity to monitor the implementation and status of applications.
  • Our company has 9 years of experience in customer service computers and other works in the field of IT infrastructure.
  • The company employs highly qualified staff with experience and higher education.
  • Our office is located in the center of Kiev, to get to you as quickly as possible in case of an emergency.
  • We value each client and offer an individual approach, as well as flexible working hours.
  • Using our services you save money while receiving professional computer services.
  • A large number of satisfied customers is our pride and our company is actively working to increase the number of such customers.
Computer service at Superadmin is your right choice!
In addition, we offer the service " fast computer help ", which is a one-time trip to the client.



Computer maintenance

PC maintenance is necessary for all companies that use computers or laptops for their work. This service is relevant both for preventive purposes and in case of an emergency: suspension of equipment, its failure, etc.

Timely contacting specialists and carrying out truly high-quality repair work allows you to count on the uninterrupted operation of personal computers, thus providing the necessary conditions for all employees.

The Superadmin service center has been providing on-site computer service to any address for many years. We cooperate with both small companies and large IT companies and offices, providing high-quality computer services profitably and quickly.

When is computer maintenance performed?

You can contact a computer service for PC maintenance in different situations:

  1. To carry out preventive maintenance. It consists of carrying out regularly scheduled pre-checks of computer equipment to eliminate problems in a timely manner.
  2. As planned. In this case, the frequency of PC maintenance is specified in the contract with the company and is carried out according to schedule.
  3. Unscheduled maintenance. It becomes necessary in case of emergency situations when some elements of the PC freeze or completely fail. This could be problems with the hard drive, motherboard, etc. Unscheduled maintenance occurs on an emergency basis. Our technicians leave as quickly as possible to resolve the problem in a timely manner.

How is computer subscription service carried out?

Computer assistance is a whole list of work, which consists of timely maintenance or restoration of lost functions of equipment. All types of services relevant for planned or preventive maintenance are usually specified in the contract, based on the type of equipment used by the company and the load on the PC.

Typically computer maintenance consists of:

  1. Comprehensive diagnostics of devices and operating systems. It allows you to identify weak points and fix them in a timely manner.
  2. Replacement of failed elements. All faulty parts must be removed and replaced with completely new ones. Fully corresponding to the specific model of computer equipment. At the same stage, computers are cleaned and thermal paste is replaced.
  3. Software setup. Installing updates and their settings allows you to count on more optimized operation of your computer equipment and increases its performance.
  4. Optimization of all PC settings. Unnecessary items are removed from the computer. Specialists also check and test all equipment components and clean the system to reduce stress on it.

Our experts also offer a number of additional services: remote administration, regular consultations as needed, maintenance or setup of servers and telephony, as well as provision of a computer to replace a broken one for the period of repair, etc.

Why choose Superadmin

The Superadmin service center has gathered qualified, experienced specialists who provide preventive and emergency maintenance of computer equipment on favorable terms. We use modern technologies and certified PC parts, carry out comprehensive diagnostics, and quickly replace failed elements and systems.

By contacting us right now, you can get all the necessary information: price of services, speed of order fulfillment, recommendations for using and maintaining a PC.

By working with a super admin, you can count on a number of benefits:

  1. Work on tasks of any complexity and an integrated approach to each client.
  2. Organizing the correct construction of your company’s IT structure for further development and improvement.
  3. Maintenance and repair of computer equipment is carried out using equipment and technologies that meet all modern norms and standards of quality and safety.
  4. Access to your personal account, from which you can track all stages and current status of the application.
  5. Extensive work experience. Our specialists have been providing computer equipment maintenance for more than 9 years.
  6. Favorable cost of work and loyal conditions for our regular customers.

Our service center operates in Kyiv and takes on orders of any complexity, supporting and helping to develop the IT structure of your company. We are located in the very center of the city so that our craftsmen can quickly and easily reach any address.